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Navigating New Parenthood?

Becoming a new parent is amazing, but let’s be honest, it can also be pretty overwhelming. Whether it’s sleepless nights, a sink full of dishes, or just needing someone to talk to about all things baby, with our doulas you don’t have to do it alone.

  • Only the best doulas in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Personalized doula care plan
  • On-call expert advice from your doula
We’re Here for You!

every family deserves to be supported postpartum.

Our Charlotte doulas are here to make sure you’re nurtured, rested, and confident. Let us take the night shift or help out during the day—you focus on the joy of your new little one.

Expertly Vetted Doulas

Our Charlotte doulas undergo rigorous screening, including background checks, interviews, and client references. Regular check-ins ensure you receive unparalleled support.

Customized Care Plans

We recognize that one size does not fit all. Our Charlotte doulas meet you where you are and tailor a newborn care routine that perfectly suits your family’s needs.

On-Call Expert Advice

Have peace of mind knowing expert advice from your doula is just a text or call away, saving you hours of uncertain Google searches and giving you the answers you need when you need them.

We know...

We know it feels like there’s never enough time or energy to manage everything. You’re doing an incredible job, and it’s perfectly okay to need support. That’s why we’re here—to help you enjoy these precious early days without feeling overwhelmed.

Kaitlyn Foster Doulabwith her newborn and toddler and partner

meet kaitlyn, rn, pnp

Our founder, Kaitlyn Foster, is a mom of two who’s been exactly where you are. She knows the exhaustion and the exhilaration. Inspired by her own experiences and the struggles she saw among friends, she started Queen City Doulas to ensure every family gets the exceptional care they deserve.

Kaitlyn personally meets with every family that Queen City Doulas supports and uses her extensive experience as a registered nurse and pediatric nurse practitioner to pair you with the Charlotte nurse, doula, or newborn care specialist who will give your new family the best start.

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Overnight Doulas

Sleep while we take care of everything else. Your doula will handle your newborn's overnight care so you can wake refreshed.

Doula helps new mom learn how to hold newborn in a sling.

Daytime Doulas

Thrive, don’t just survive postpartum. Our postpartum doulas handle everything from baby care to household chores.

Older Sibling with newborn baby on his chest bonding

Sibling Doulas

We’ve got your big kid covered too, making sure they feel just as special and cared for as their new sibling.

A close-up of a newborn baby lying down, sucking on their thumb

Newborn Care Classes

Tailored to your family, learn all about your baby with a private newborn care class in the comfort of your home.

we don’t just support you... we’re part of your team.

Our goal is to make sure that by the time our job is done, you’re parenting with confidence and joy. Let’s make these early days with your baby as beautiful and stress-free as they should be. Book a free Discovery Call and let’s chat about what you need!

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  • CONNECT: Chat with Kaitlyn to find out how we can best support your family.
  • MATCH: We’ll pair you with the perfect doula who fits your family.
  • REST: Enjoy your pregnancy knowing you’ve got expert support waiting.

An answer to my prayers. Queen City Doulas is the absolute best of the best. ALL DOULA AGENCIES ARE NOT THE SAME. I am speaking from direct experience. Queen City Doulas has set the highest bar. I used Queen City Doulas formerly Wild Mother Path for several months for postpartum care for my first baby. Every single member of her team is amazing. Consistently on time, extremely reliable, clean, tidy, organized and provided a wealth of wisdom and knowledge . They always above and beyond. Kaitlyn’s team would reach out even after their shift was over to check in. It is so worth the cost—you cannot put a price on a peace of mind with your child. Every night I was able to be anxiety free (which is difficult for me as uptight should be my middle name) I knew my baby was in excellent hands. Kaitlyn the owner is absolutely amazing. When my son was finally sleep trained i was happy but I was also sad I wouldn’t be interacting with her and her team on a weekly basis. As soon as I’m 72 hours pregnant with my next child I will locking them in. I will only use and recommend Queen City Doulas to my friends and family. If you are even on the fence about whether to move forward take this as the confirmation to schedule a consult. You will not regret it. I am a walking ambassador for Queen City doulas -they embody what other doula agencies portray but may not put in practice. Kaitlyn, Kennedy, Valerie, Noel, Katherine, Kimmi and Lauren- I cannot thank you all enough. I can’t wait to work with you again when I’m pregnant with my second.

We are completely blown away by the support we received from Kaitlyn and Shannon during my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. They were both incredibly attentive and were available 24/7 to answer any questions we had. They ensured we felt empowered and confident in our birth and postpartum journey. Kaitlyn provided resources, connections, and overall support to help guide us through becoming first time parents. She provided (and continues to provide) constant reassurance and encouragement when it came to any fears or challenges we faced during birth and while navigating parenthood. Shannon provided extensive support through our one on one visits and over the phone throughout my pregnancy. As our doula, we were blown away by her ability to hold space for us during the birth process while also being non-intrusive, which is exactly what we desired. She provided the exact support we asked for. I feel so lucky to have had a birth attendant with such a reverence for physiological, undisturbed birth. She also provided wonderful postpartum care and helped optimize my healing after birth with nourishing meals, words of encouragement, and natural remedies to promote healing. We would highly recommend Queen City Doulas to anyone looking for support during pregnancy or postpartum. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found this wonderful team of women! 🩵

Lauren Crowe May 28, 2024

Working with Kaitlyn and doulas Catherine and Alyssa was an absolute dream. Trusting someone with your newborn child is no easy feat. The moment after speaking with all three of them, I felt their warmth and expertise. I was able to enjoy the first 6 weeks with my new baby because I was getting high quality care and support from this team.

Jenny Baxi May 5, 2024

I can't say enough how grateful I am to have found Kaitlyn and Wild Mother Path. I was searching for women and birth workers who honored and respected the beauty of sovereign birth. I was connected with a Doula, Lauren, and she was the perfect soul to enter my birth space and encourage me through my labor. She embodied what it means to hold space for women giving birth. She came in and was a breath of fresh air for me and my husband. I also worked with Ariana who cared for my household postpartum and she has been wonderful in these early days/weeks since I've given birth. She has made the most amazing meals to help nourish us and has been really thoughtful about what she can do to take a load off of us caring for the household. She is very resourceful and I'm able to mostly rest in bed while she visits. You never truly know what you will need when you are pregnant and postpartum and the best part of Wild Mother Path is that the team has been super flexible when things come up. Kaitlyn is so quick to respond and show up when needed! Kaitlyn also got me in touch with Suzanne to support me with nursing questions and guidance and Suzanne came to help me immediately! Suzanne was very personable and was able to offer great tips that have made such a difference for me and my little one. I highly recommend this service if you are a first time Mom 💜

Bri Jones April 29, 2024

As first time parents, we were really looking forward to finally getting some sleep. We spoke with Kaitlyn who was very helpful in explaining the whole process. We had a "test night" with Chelsea to see how we liked having her come over and watch our newborn while we slept - and we loved it. So we had her come over weekly after that! Chelsea was fantastic from the start. She always showed up early and was eager to help. She kept notes throughout the night and would send us a "report" on how our newborn's night went. She would text us the next day with helpful sleep tips for when we were on our own. My wife and I have been very happy with WMP and would recommend them to anyone looking for a night nurse or doula.

Logan Shinholser April 9, 2024

We had our twins in August 2023 and Wild Mother Path helped us tremendously. We started with a phone call with the owner, Kaitlyn, to determine our needs and preferences. She provided us with a Sibling Doula the night I went into labor to stay with our 5 year old since we are new to the area and had no family locally. Then we started with Suzanne, a former NICU RN, as a night doula to help us a few nights a week - a total lifesaver. We had total piece of mind having Suzanne tending to our babies overnight. Once they were sleeping through the night around 11 weeks, we began working with Chelsea during the days. She has a kind hearted disposition and was nurturing and gentle with our girls. She tended to all their tandem bottle feedings, started with purées eventually. She gave them tandem baths, dressed them, etc. She took them for stroller walks, talked and played with them all day. She was flexible in helping us cover special events and travel, and very communicative about our girls’ care. She would send me pictures when I was working or out of town. She helped with dishes, light cleaning, and laundry. She would even jump in to play with our older daughter when she was home from school. I highly recommend Chelsea as she really developed ways to comfort and work with twin infants. Overall, this was a great experience and they really helped us bridge the gap with no family in the area.

Heather Harrell March 21, 2024

Wild Mother Path was such a key piece in us feeling supported in the early days after our son was born. Kaitlyn was so easy to work with in getting things set up a few months before he arrived and Suzanne truly was the perfect fit for our family. Her empathetic personality and years of experience and expertise are such an incredible combination. We felt so comforted having her in our home and taking care of our son and can’t recommend her more highly! Thank you Kaitlyn and Suzanne for your incredible support:

Kathryn Wesley February 29, 2024

EXCEPTIONAL! I took a chance on Wild Mother Path being a first time mother not knowing what to expect working with a Day Time Doula and Night Time Doula. We worked closely with Kaitlyn, Suzanne, Alyssa, and Kennedy. Every single one of them is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, kind, and empathetic to a mother AND father's needs and emotional states post partum. We initially signed up for only a few weeks of night support. But after seeing the doulas in action and how much we were learning, we quickly booked an additional couple months worth of not only night time care but day time help. Suzanne was a God send. When I left the hospital after giving birth, my nipples were bloody and blistered. Suzanne showed me how to breastfeed, trained baby how to latch, showed us how to bathe our baby, how to soothe, ways to hold her, and was able to determine the cause of our newborn's digestive issues-she had awful reflux and had colic. She is now thriving and sleeping throughout the night from 8pm-6am at 9 weeks of age!!! In addition- she cleaned our home and helped my husband and I around the house including our daughters laundry. Alyssa was able to recognize from the beginning that our daughter was in pain and discomfort due to her reflux; as a first time mom I did not understand what was wrong. She was quick to identify what was wrong and gave wonderful guidance and help! She is incredible! Kennedy was so personable and if not busy with the baby and soothing baby back to sleep she was always busy doing household stuff that I just didnt have the energy or time to do. She is always smiling and is always so happy to help in whatever way is helpful to mom and dad. We cannot thank you enough Wild Mother Path for saving us!! You literally saved my sanity and helped guide me through the toughest transition in my life!! Thank you so much!!!

Norea Harris January 24, 2024

I received the “Closing of the Bones” ceremony with Ariana and it was the most exquisite experience I could have had after my birth. Her presence is so healing and powerful and every mother deserves this gift, post birth. It was gentle, nurturing, healing and the massage was exactly what my body needed to acknowledge the life altering experience of giving birth. I am so grateful and for sure will be doing this after every baby!!!

Catherine Hummel January 5, 2024

Wild Mother Path is a lifesaver for families! We hired Kaitlin and her team when we welcomed our 2nd, and I wish I had known about this with our 1st kid. We had the utmost confidence that Penny was in excellent hands with Suzanne and Kennedy (Kimmi). We were able to get rest without worry.:: my husband and I were saying how much more restful we feel this round as parents. Bonus, Suzanne is incredibly helpful with breastfeeding at the beginning, and just tons of knowledge. Cannot recommend this team enough!!

Madi Palermo January 3, 2024

We are beyond blessed to of had the opportunity to work with Kaitlyn and her wonderful team of doulas over these last several months with our third child. I cannot say enough about this team and their knowledge, expertise, professionalism, reliability, and dedication to the care they provide. Kaitlyn was always receptive to feedback and very prompt in her responses. I appreciated the attention to detail and great communication between owner and staff members. Beyond caring for my son, the doulas were wonderful and went above & beyond by checking in on my mental heath, offering help with housework, & even provided last minute flexibility in arrival/departure times to accommodate for my family’s schedule. I would highly recommend Kaitlyns team to anyone needing overnight help with a new baby! It was truly a lifesaver for our family & busy schedules.

Jessica Latchana December 28, 2023

Kaitlyn was kind, quick and happy to answer any questions! She picked up AND delivered my vitamins making my life with a newborn a billion times easier. The vitamins were also beautifully packaged which was an unexpected bonus! Both my husband and I were extremely happy with her services and will definitely be using her again in the future!

Alyssa was with our family for 6 weeks and made a significant impact during her time. Letting someone into your home while you sleep is the most vulnerable position to be in and I’m here to tell you to trust the process and it’s (and YOU’RE) worth it to be your best self and parent. Alyssa walked alongside us and suggested swaddling again at 8 weeks which immediately improved our babies sleep. She made gentle recommendations regarding sleep schedules and bedtimes. She was a 3rd adult in our corner to troubleshoot what worked and didn’t. She provided reprieve and a few solid night sleeps a week to recharge my husband and I. My only regret is not using her before our sweet baby boy turned 8 weeks old. 💙

Kassy Archer April 29, 2023

Wild Mother Path was a lifesaver!! I had postpartum health issues and ended up in the hospital three more times. I could focus on my health knowing that they were at my house taking care of my baby and my family. I ended up needing round the clock help when I got home and they adjusted the schedule so quickly. Every doula that helped us was so nice and professional. They taught us so many things as first time parents that we still use today. I could not recommend them more. I will definitely be using them again when we have a second child.

Austin Newman March 17, 2023

Kaitlyn has been such a tremendous help for my baby, me, and my partner. She is so knowledgeable, calm, kind -- everything you could want or need. I've had so many questions during and after my pregnancy, and she has helped me through them all! She's provided hands-on help with breastfeeding, helped calm my crying baby (!), and offered me reassurance when I thought things weren't going as they should. She has experience from multiple settings - the hospital, outpatient work, and she's a mother herself. I absolutely recommend her!!

Lauren Kiser January 2, 2023

I've been working with Kaitlyn through my second pregnancy and I would absolutely 10/10 recommend her to any woman walking through pregnancy - whether it's your first baby or your tenth. Kaitlyn has such a gift of being able to truly SEE you, to hold such tender space for even your most vulnerable of moments, and to really help you in trusting yourself in the moments where you question everything. Her extensive knowledge and expertise from being both trained in the allopathic realm of medicine AND her lived experience in the more holistic realm of medicine is the perfect balance for any mother -- she truly knows what she's talking about and has helped me navigate some major decisions with such confidence & ease. I am so grateful for Kaitlyn and the tremendous support she has/continues to offer me through my wild pregnancy. She truly was made for this work, and it's evident in her energy & her passion & her heart. If you're feeling called to be deeply supported through pregnancy/birth/postpartum, even if just virtually, SHE IS THE ONE. Hire her. You won't regret it. <3

Olivia Seline August 1, 2022

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