in-home breastfeeding consultation


Schedule in-home breastfeeding support from our lactation expert, Suzanne, who has supported countless mothers on their breastfeeding journey.

One woman helping another with breastfeeding, adjusting a blanket while the seated woman holds and nurses her baby in a cozy room.


Initial 60 to 90-minute in-home breastfeeding consultation: $200 (includes follow-up text and call support)

Follow-up in-home consultations: $150 per visit

It's best to book your breastfeeding consult before you develop challenges! The ideal time for a visit is within 2-5 days of your birth to establish a good latch and stimulate your milk to come in.

Imagine sitting down and latching your baby on to nurse with ease as you enjoy the flood of oxytocin that nursing your baby brings.

Learning to breastfeed your baby is challenging and can leave you feeling helpless and frustrated. Most new mothers are bombarded with poor generalized advice and left desperately scrolling Google with a crying baby struggling to latch. The learning curve to breastfeed is steep because our society does not properly support new mothers to learn this natural, but difficult, skill.

With Suzanne at your side, you have an experienced wise woman with a track record of success providing hands-on support and expert advice 24/7.

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    in-home visit

    Don't worry about leaving home in your postpartum. We come to you so you can be relaxed to focus on nursing your newborn.

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    Personalized and practical breastfeeding plan

    You will be given a plan that meets your breastfeeding goals and is realistic allowing you to heal from birth while nourishing your baby. We will take into account your unique family dynamics and household when setting up your breastfeeding plan.

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    24/7 expert support

    Suzanne is there for you. She is only a text or call away. There is no jumping through hoops calling a secretary or using a patient portal to get scheduled. This is support at your fingertips from the wise grandmother every woman deserves.

Suzanne Registered Nurse, Certified Mother Baby Nurse, Certified Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding Expert

suzanne wentworth, rn, mph

With 25 years as a mother-baby nurse and a Master’s in Public Health, she has an in-depth understanding of the postpartum period and the challenges new mother’s face.

As a former nursing instructor at the University of Virginia, Suzanne is a true expert in maternal-child health. Her passion lies in helping new moms breastfeed successfully and helping veteran moms achieve their breastfeeding goals.

Suzanne’s extensive experience and compassionate approach make her an invaluable resource for young families. She’s the wise, nurturing presence every new mother deserves as they embrace motherhood.