daytime postpartum doula care

You’ve brought your baby into the world... what comes next?


Imagine a postpartum where you are fully rested and relaxed, the house is tidy, your baby’s diapers are changed, homecooked meals are waiting on the stove, and a loving sister is listening to your birth story while you relax in bed.

Your doula will provide expert advice on newborn care and postpartum recovery. She will manage the household chores and ensure everyone is eating nourishing meals and getting time to rest.

With Queen City Doulas, you don’t have to do it alone —we’re here to ensure you not only survive but thrive.

our comprehensive support services:

Navigating the early days with a newborn, especially while recovering from childbirth, is no small feat. It can feel overwhelming when you're unsure of how to care for your new baby and lack expert advice. Juggling household duties, providing for older children, and soothing a newborn can be exhausting without the right support.

In today’s modern society, many parents find themselves distanced from their family and community, leaving new mothers to face the early days of motherhood on their own.

breast and bottlefeeding support

Our knowledgeable doulas support all feeding methods, guiding you to find the feeding routine that best nourishes your newborn.

postpartum household assistance

Forget about the dishes, laundry, and meal prep. Your doula has it covered! Spend precious moments bonding with your baby, not worrying about chores.

expert postpartum care

Receive hands-on tips and advice on newborn care and your postpartum recovery. Our founder, Kaitlyn, and your dedicated doula are always just a text or call away to answer any questions.

begin your journey with us

  • CONNECT: Schedule a discovery call to craft a personalized support plan.
  • MATCH: We’ll find you the ideal daytime doula based on your needs.
  • REST: Relax during your pregnancy, knowing your postpartum period will be filled with bliss and renewal. Schedule a discovery call to craft a personalized support plan.

TOTAL COST: Starting at $40 per hour with a minimum of a 40-hour package.

A 20% deposit secures your doula’s availability.

Flexible packages available, combining both daytime and nighttime support to fit your needs.

what to expect with queen city doula care

Portrait of Kaitlyn Foster, founder of Queen City Doulas, smiling broadly against a brick wall background, wearing a white tank top and a floral cardigan.
Meet Our Founder

As a mother of two, Kaitlyn understands the crucial support new parents need. She's here to carefully select a daytime doula who will make your postpartum period a rejuvenating and memorable experience.

Our daytime doulas have extensive experience and education in physiological recovery postpartum and newborn care.

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