pregnant or postpartum in charlotte?

Portrait of Kaitlyn Foster, founder of Queen City Doulas, smiling broadly against a brick wall background, wearing a white tank top and a floral cardigan.

a personal welcome from our founder, kaitlyn

Hello and welcome to Charlotte’s vibrant birth and parenting community! I’m so excited you’re here. Charlotte isn’t just a great place to raise a family—it’s a community rich with resources that cater to every stage from pregnancy to early parenting. On this page, I’ve shared some of my personal favorites.

When my husband and I moved here in 2021 with our newborn, just two weeks old, I was in your shoes—eager to discover the best our city had to offer. It was during those early days, as I navigated our new life here, that I truly found my village. I fell in love with Charlotte, and I’m confident you will too.

As you explore and settle in, I hope you find your own village here. And remember, if there’s something you need and can’t find it on this list, just drop me an email. I’d love to help steer you in the right direction!


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