sibling doula services

Peace of Mind for Your Family During Labor

why hire a sibling doula?

When labor begins, the last thing you need is to worry about who will watch over your older children. Imagine if you had a trusted woman, ready to care for them at a moment’s notice, allowing you to focus fully on welcoming your new baby.

A sibling doula isn’t just any babysitter—they’re a specialized caregiver who understands the unique needs of your family during birth. They’re on-call, prepared to step in right when you need them, ensuring your children are safe, happy, and cared for. This peace of mind is invaluable during such a transformative time.

why not just hire a babysitter?

Unlike typical babysitters, sibling doulas are intimately familiar with the birth process and its unpredictability. They're trained to maintain a calm, supportive environment crucial for a positive birth experience. They’re also prepared to involve your children in the welcoming of their new sibling to the extent you’re comfortable with, ensuring they feel connected and cared for during this big family transition.

our sibling doula services include:

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    On-Call Support

    Starting two weeks before your due date, your sibling doula will be on standby until labor begins, ensuring you never have to worry about last-minute childcare.

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    Focused Attention

    Before the big day, you’ll have a meet-and-greet where your children can get to know their doula, building trust and comfort, which means less worry for you when the time comes.

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    Expert Guidance

    It’s about more than just watching your kids. Our sibling doulas offer advice on how best to introduce your children to their new sibling, making the transition smooth and joyful for everyone.

Let’s make sure you can birth with confidence knowing your older children are well-cared for. Book a free Discovery Call and let’s chat about what you need!

Support for you... and your family.

  • CONNECT: Book a discovery call with Kaitlyn to talk through your family's specific needs.
  • MATCH: Meet and choose the perfect sibling doula for your family.
  • REST: Relax and focus on your upcoming birth, knowing your children are in great hands.

FEES:  $1,000 includes one meet and greet with your doula, on-call starting at week 38, and 24-hours of sibling doula support (After 24 hours, an hourly rate is charged).

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