placenta encapsulation

Discover the Natural Boost for Your Postpartum Recovery

Imagine turning your placenta into a source of strength during your postpartum period. Placenta encapsulation involves dehydrating your placenta, grinding it into a fine powder, and encapsulating this powder into easy-to-swallow vegan capsules. These capsules are designed to be taken like a daily vitamin, helping you feel energized and vibrant as you navigate the early days of motherhood.

At Queen City Doulas, we understand that every birth and postpartum experience is unique. That’s why we believe in providing placenta encapsulation service that supports your personal recovery journey.

You deserve to feel calm, peaceful, and empowered as you step into your role as a new mother. We’re here to make that transition as smooth and supported as possible.

why choose placenta encapsulation?

Recovering from childbirth can be physically demanding and emotionally draining. It’s common to feel exhausted, depleted, and sometimes even depressed. Placenta encapsulation is believed to help mitigate these feelings by naturally boosting your recovery.

Women who have chosen placenta encapsulation often report:

  • Improved overall mood
  • Quicker physical recovery from birth
  • Enhanced replenishment of iron stores
  • Increased milk production
  • Reduced signs of postpartum depression

A placenta tincture may further enhance your postpartum wellness by potentially balancing hormones and boosting energy. While scientific evidence is limited, many women attest to its benefits, particularly during their menstrual cycle or even menopause. The tincture requires six weeks to mature and can be taken in water or sublingually.
Remember: The FDA has not evaluated placenta encapsulation for safety or effectiveness. It's important to make an informed decision based on your health needs.

hassle free placenta encapsulation service

Once your little one arrives, simply send us a message. We’ll handle everything from there, including:

Safe and convenient pick-up of your placenta from your home or birthing location.

Professional and sanitary preparation of your capsules.

Personal delivery of your capsules right to your door, typically yielding 100-200 capsules.

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Placenta Capsules: $225
Optional Placenta Tincture (infused with high-quality local apple brandy): +$35

Your safety is our priority. Our specialists are trained under OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens and Universal Precautions guidelines and adhere to strict sanitation protocols. We ensure safe food prep practices throughout the encapsulation process.